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Castor Oil Pre-Shampoo – Why is it Trending?

The modern lifestyle has paced up the matters for us and has brought a lot of convenience. Nevertheless, it has also brought with it a lot of disruptions and harmful repercussions – one of them includes hair damage. Air pollutants, junk food, etc. cease you from getting healthy, lush tresses and give you frizzy, brittle hair instead.

Luckily, in these hard times, there is a way out – castor oil. Apart from this, other natural oils can also help your hair fight the harmful effects of a modern lifestyle. Below are some of the reasons as to how castor oil can be a perfect, contemporary hair solution.

Natural Remedy for Damaged Hair

Since, castor oil is a type of vegetable oil, its consumption is of no harm. Therefore, applying it externally on your hair, skin, or nails, would never subject you to any side-effects. Castor oil benefits our hair with its greasiness and waxing features – helping our tresses in bad state. This oil becomes a sufficient, natural substitute for the expensive chemical-ridden oils.

Preventing and Healing Traction Alopecia  

Traction alopecia, a form of hair-loss, occurs when the hair gets pulled forcibly and tied tightly in the manner of a ponytail, buns, or braids. Infused with the goodness of protein and Vitamin E, castor oil is a remedy for all the scalp disorders, including alopecia.

This oil promotes hair growth by increasing the blood circulation at follicles, boosting the production of hair. This feature makes it a remedy as well as a prevention for traction alopecia.

Natural Moisturizer: A Boon for Hair and Scalp    

Apart from protein and Vitamin E, the castor oil is also imbued with omega 6 fatty acids which protects the dry and rough scalp, moisturizing the hair thereafter. The oil has a low molecular weight and so it easily penetrates the scalp’s skin, acting as a softening oil. This absorption also bestows our hair and scalp with a proper nourishment that makes them healthy.

A Comprehensive Hair Care Solution

Castor oil can be your trustworthy remedy that can protect your hair from damage like split ends, brittleness, dryness, and hair loss. This is possible with the deep absorption of this natural oil into your scalp that helps in smoothening the cuticles.

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