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Bask in the holiday beauty: top skincare routines to follow during vacations


Holidays might be a synonym to lose free and throw all the cautions to the wind, in your book. But let’s think about it. Holidays can be hard on screen and might cause you to return home with a dull and dried skin. To those who are planning a summer vacation, it’s time to take notes. Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Drink plenty of water:

This is the first and foremost rule to keep your skin healthy. Water helps you in maintaining body fluids and hydrate you enough to keep your skin moisturised by providing essential nutrients to your skin. If you’re heading to beach, make sure you drink enough water beforehand and also keep taking sips while you’re there.


Don’t ignore Sunscreen:

For areas with sunny atmospheres, a sunscreen, without doubt, is a top item on the list you should pack. A cream with 50 + SPF is a must. A sunscreen is your basic guard against UVA and UVB rays. It’s best to apply 30 minutes before going out.

Take essential lip care:

If your lips are getting dry, it’s a mark that your lips need care. After a long beach session or a trip to mountains, chapped lips are not an uncommon sight. A lip balm can keep your dry woes away while giving them a moisturised and supple look. Also, it’s highly advised to use lip gloss in place of lipstick.

Apply clay masks:

While it’s a good practice to apply clay masks during your normal routine, holiday times demand extra care. Your skin is exposed to a lot while you’re out there, seeing sites. A quality clay mask helps your skin recuperate to keep it even and smooth. It’s best to apply after cleansing your face and letting it stay for good five to ten minutes. Applying it 2-3 times throughout the vacation will help you protect your facial skin a great deal.

Don’t forget moisturisers:

While you might skip a few care tips, you shouldn’t forget this at any cost. A moisturiser with right SPF will protect you under the Sun and keep them the skin hydrated. Best to apply after face cleansing in the morning.

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